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Chris Hartwig

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Version 3.0.7

1. Path of last file encrypted is incorrect in the email alert. - The email usually contains one of the first files encrypted and not the last.

2. Cannot delete folder with protected child folders. - The hierarchy of folders should be removed from CryptoStopper monitoring first. Then delete.

3. Bug in protecting new user profiles automatically - Watcherfiles were not removed from the new user profile upon uninstall of CryptoStopper,

4. CryptoStopper firewall rule is not removed during uninstall of CryptoStopper Server.

5. Customer Name is listed in Settings instead of Company Name after activation. - If CryptoStopper is manually installed you can update the Company Name after activation. This bug does not occur if you push CryptoStopper using GPO and properly configured json file.


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